Client: Bristol Myers Squibb

Smart Capper System

ideas* was commissioned to conduct a feasibility study for potential improvements to the CAM line bottle capping facility at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Australia.

The aim of the investigation was to eliminate the manual handling involved in checking 100% of bottles for the correct cap removal torque.

The final cap torque needs to be great enough that the seal is engaged but cannot be too high such that the cap is difficult to open. Being able to consistently provide a final torque in this range was crucial.

Following the feasibility study ideas* designed, built and commissioned a new automatic capping head unit that monitored the capping torque profile to ensure that bottles were capped in a specific torque range.

The monitoring capacity enabled the unit to diagnose pass or fail criteria on the fly.

The unit was installed and tested with very little downtime or modification to existing equipment. It is capable of automatically capping a large range of bottle sizes at up to 54 bottles per minute with very little operator input.

At this operating capacity the unit provides a rage of production and diagnostic data previously not available, to be recorded and stored.

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