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Rick Stefanutti
Technical Development Director
Call+61 3 9763 4332


Renewed Carbon will set up its first BioHub in Cobar, located in central western New South Wales. This will help landowners restore vegetation which as degraded due to 150 years of poor farming practices.

Rangeland restoration at scale is too costly for farmers and the current “slash and burn” approaches result in not only this valuable resource being wasted, but also releasing significant volumes of carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.

The Cobar BioHub will:

  • Systematically solve intractable bio waste problems.
  • Properly value currently undervalued biomass residues and by-products.
  • Reclaim biomass generated from specific farm and landscape restoration and remediation activities.

ideas* have assisted with Pyrolytic material testing, process design and modelling, engineering and detailed design together with project planning and management.

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