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Combining decades of engineering experience with
in-depth knowledge of new technologies, we help clients realise projects with true certainty.

We are regularly engaged by leading companies to work on technically challenging projects based on our ability to deliver a successful outcome when the objective is clear, but an off-the-shelf solution will not work.

As a result, we believe our true value is realised when we are engaged early in the process, helping you to identify innovative and sustainable solutions to challenging engineering problems.

Delivering medium and large-scale projects

Our team includes experts in mechanical, manufacturing, process and product engineering services, who have experience delivering medium to large-scale projects for clients in the manufacturing, agricultural, recycling, waste recovery, renewables and materials handling sectors.

Charting a path towards zero waste

We also help clients navigate their way towards net-zero and zero waste. Working to identify and develop systems and technology to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and recover waste streams. This is not because we are evangelists, but for the simple fact that we can all do better, by being smarter and thinking about closing the loop.

Why Work With Us

Managing Risk*

Innovation requires vision, determination and persistence. It also carries technical risk and that’s where our team excels. Leveraging our extensive engineering knowledge and project management experience together with a well-proven structured systematic approach we can help you navigate the pitfalls of innovation.

* Ask about our ‘Technical Due Diligence’ process for risk assessment prior to investing into new and emerging technologies.

Working Together

We believe that there is a better way to provide engineering services, one that creates a culture where there is more collaboration, open communication and shared responsibilities between all stakeholders. We believe in Win-Win or no deal.

Embracing Technology

Biomass to Energy, Carbon Chemistry, AI in process control, Zero Waste. Yesterday’s dream is becoming today’s reality and change is the new norm. We can harness emerging technology to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and recover waste streams.

We've Worked With Market Leaders

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