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Clients often engage us very early on in the process, as we can manage projects from initial concept through to implementation. We can also work collaboratively as equity partners when suitable opportunities arise.

Opportunity Identification

We can review your existing processes and systems to identify opportunities for improvements.

  • Process reviews
  • Manufacturing analysis
  • Materials handling assessments

Project Feasibility

We can assess the various aspects of your product or system to assess its viability prior to production.

  • Product development
  • System & process development
  • Manufacturing plant development
  • Industrial equipment design

Engineering Design

We can undertake preliminary research, design and prototyping to test the product/system efficacy.

  • Project research & analysis
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Preliminary design
  • Production planning
  • Tool design & prototyping

Process Modelling

We can analyse and enhance your current processes to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Process assessment & analysis
  • Process re-engineering

Detailed Design

We can prepare detailed designs and models of your business’s product or system.

  • CAD design & 3D modelling
  • Design testing
  • Materials and resource assessment
  • Maintenance analysis

Project Management

We can deliver your entire project from scoping through to contractor management to delivery.

  • Project scoping
  • Project structuring
  • Project needs analysis
  • Contractor selection
  • Risk analysis & compliance
  • Tendering procedures & protocols
  • Project monitoring & auditing
  • Project cost control

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