Recycling: The New Frontier

Recycling: The New Frontier

ideas* was recently featured on greentechmedia:

The article highlighted how rapid changes in technology and the commercial environment are providing significant financial and environmental opportunities in existing waste streams.

Training is a very high value asset for any type of job. What’s not usually understood about training is that it also helps prepare people for real-world work environments. The psychology of training is an often overlooked part of effective training.

Good examples are certificate-based training like crane operator training, hoist license training or ewp licence certificates. This type of training comes with both strong practical and theoretical elements. Training is carried out in real work environments and conducted by highly experienced trainers.

Note these environmental factors in training. This is the best possible, and most realistic, approach to training in high competency/high responsibility roles. Training is conducted on a relentlessly “best practice” basis. Trainers are real experts, all too familiar with risks in training and real-world operations.

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