Client: Bluescope Steel

Lysaght Racking System

In 2008 ideas* began the design of a racking system for Bluescope Lysaght. The design brief was a racking system that could be constructed from products manufactured at Bluescope Lysaght sites across Australia, and be capable of a 1000kg UDL shelf load.

The design uses the roofing purlins produced by Bluescope Lysaght as both the columns and arms of the racking system. The design allows the racking to be bolted together with these purlins and some simple folded brackets.

The final design demonstrates the ability of ideas* to challenge the boundaries of traditional design. Traditionally racking systems are fully welded structures or have at least some welded sections. The racking system designed for Bluescope Lysaght has no welded sections and can therefore be easily assembled on site by almost anyone.

By producing almost all the racking system components internally Bluescope Lysaght have been able to remove the dependance upon external companies for adequate racking solutions and fast-track installation.

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