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Health Centre of the Future

In 2006 ideas* was engaged by a market leading international health services business based in the USA to manage and coordinate the concept development process for a benchmark health centre.

The ultimate objective of the program was to substantially reduce the cost of service delivery via the implementation of a remarkably improved in-centre process and at the same time significantly improve the client experience whilst in the centre.

The ideas* ‘future search’ approach enabled the executive management team to move “beyond the sensible” developing profoundly new concepts for service delivery.

It enabled the team to work towards the most beneficial and viable options which could be carried forward for more detailed work.

Our structured approach provided the following benefits:

  • Guided and enabled the development of radically new design concept.
  • Modelled the process under various scale conditions to optimise the facility size.
  • Fully assessed the feasibility under optimum, excess load and downturn scenarios to mitigate risk associated with market demand variation.
  • Provided structure and diligence to the detailed stages of facility design. This ensured that the specified process design was fully supported by the physical design of spaces, architectural features, software changes and installed equipment.
  • Initiated and facilitated intentional culture design to ensure the centre staff were fully prepared to maximise the capability of the new centre.

Most notably the Centre of the Future project is expected to reduce the clients operating costs by 30%.

This will achieved by radically altering the level of appropriate participation of patients/clients, removing two significant patient hand-offs between staff, practically eliminating in-centre queues and waiting and increasing throughput (per bed) by 50%.

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