Client: Internal Project

Future Spark Trailer

ideas* designed and built a trailer that combined the people power of 16 bikes and solar panels to completely offset the energy requirements for Melbourne’s Earth Hour Concert in 2009.

The Future Spark vision is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by engaging and informing as many people as possible through a human powered event. Our key message is to reduce waste.

Future Spark uncovers the mystery of energy use in a highly engaging and tangible way. By personally generating the energy for the concert, we get a down-to-earth understanding of how much energy we can produce individually. We can compare our capacity to other sources such as solar, wind and fuel.

The Future Spark Team Challenge ran from the 23rd to 28th of March 2009, and generated over 67 kWh of power, exceeding the requirement to power the Melbourne Earth Hour Concert by 12 kWh.

The unique concert attracted over 8,000 people and achieved world wide exposure, featuring a special performance by Augie March who performed the official Earth Hour song ‘One Crowded Hour’.

The Future Spark trailer continues to tour around schools through Victoria, educating primary and secondary school children about the importance of energy conservation.


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