Client: Boral Australia

Conical Kettle System Design

ideas* were commissioned by Boral to complete the design and construction planning for a new conical kettle system in Port Melbourne.

The main purpose of the project was to replace the main kettle (no. 1) with a continuous conical kettle. The kettle converts Gypsum to stucco via a process called calcination.

The kettle and all associated auxiliary equipment will be replaced to upgrade the production from a batch to a continuous process.

The new kettle system design includes new screw conveyors, chutes and a  dust collection and control system from the screw conveyor infeed through to the outfeed silos.

The new design will provide significant benefits, including:

  • Continuous production rather than a batch process.
  • Reduction of manual intervention.
  • A system capacity of 20 tph in-feed land plaster, 17 tph out-feed stucco and 35 tph dust collection & return.
The project highlighted ideas* broad based design expertise, which provided the ability to achieve sophisticated plant improvements within the constraints of a brown fields environment.

NOTE: The CAD model above shows the existing equipment and infrastructure (shaded grey) with the new system (shown in green and yellow).


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